Bath Salts Abuse

Signs Of Balt Salts Abuse

Bath salts is the common name for a widespread chemical that is found in household objects like bath salts and plant fertilizers. Until recently, bath salts were not illegal due to the fact that they were found in products which were not fit for human consumption. Since July 2012, bath salts have become a schedule 1 drug which prohibits the manufacturing, distribution and use of bath salts. Bath salts were known as designer drugs due to the fact that they were legal for such a long time.

An Introduction to Bath Salts

The chemical in bath salts that gives users a high is called Mephedrone or MDVP. It is a synthetic drug that creates an experience very simular to cocaine and meth when taken. The brain releases a wave of dopamine that gives the user a feeling of very intense pleasure. Bath salts are called this because their white, powdered appearance gives them the look of bath salts aside from the fact that they often appear in bath salts. Bath salts may be ingested through oral consumption, through smoking or through intravenously injecting them. Bath salts may also be found in pill form and dry leaves form. This drug is usually made in China. The public started widespread use around 2009, when it was being sold in Egypt under a different name.

Other names for bath salts have included meow or meow meow, Bubbles, Meph, drone and MCAT among others.

What Are The Effects of Bath Salts?

As soon as the user takes bath salts, it creates feelings of euphoria and sexual stimulation, and elevated moods. Although no one yet knows the long term effects of bath salts abuse, the truth is that bath salts are highly addictive psychologically due to the way they affect brain's chemistry.

The long term effects of bath salts are not yet known, since it is such a new designer drug. Signs of bath salts abuse, however, include visual impairments, headaches and poor concentration, poor short term memory, erratic behaviors, seizures and in some extreme cases hallucinations. Other side effects may include jaw clenching, tongue rolling, teeth grinding, muscle twitching, anxiety, panic attacks and in some extreme cases violent rage. Other side effects may include psychotic breaks and suicide thoughts. Some vulnerable users may actually attempt to commit suicide in strange and violent ways. Drugs are different for everyone and every user is likely to have a different reaction each time they use drugs.

What Happens When Someone Overdoses on Bath Salts?

An user that overdoses on bath salts may feel hot flashes, mild fevers, tremors, shakes, drastic changes in body temperature, anxiety and severe hallucinations. Overdosing on bath salts may cause violent behavior due to strange hallucinations and may commit self-injury or suicide. Users of bath salts are likely to overdose because there is no set rule on how much of the drug to have. Many users redose after taking 50 mg of bath salts at first and then use more to continue the euphoric feeling. Users may need to seek medical attention.