Bath Salts Abuse

Understanding Bath Salts

Bath Salts Abuse is a very real problem that many people face everyday. Bath salts, scientifically known as MDVP, used to be commonplace in some household items, but is now facing a ban in the USA. It is important to get informed on the risks and effects of bath salts and bath salts abuse to help yourself and your loved ones.

What are Bath Salts?

Bath Salts are a widely used and controversial legal drug that only became illegal within the last year, following several scandals. Bath salts can also be called MDVP and is considered to be a stimulant. The reason MDV is called bath salts is because it can has been found in many bath products and plant fertilizers. MDPV has not been used for humans by very long and may cause compulsing redosing.

Some bath salts also include mephedrone. Its effects are very similar to those experienced when taking ecstasy, cocaine or MDVP. Although mephedrone can cause hallucinations and may cause psychopathy, it seems to be a lot less common than with MDVP. However, due to the nature of bath salts, the user is rarely able to see exactly what is in them and is taking a risk by consuming them.

What Are The Effects of Bath Salts?

Bath salts is a stimulant that can cause intense euphoria, make the user talkative, sexual arousal, enhanced creativity, increased clarity both emotionally and intellectually and a slightly increased heart rate. Bath salts use may cause a feeling of chest tightening, grinding of the teeth, loss of appetite, disturbed sleeping patterns, involuntary body movements like smacking your lips or twitching, hyperactivity, anxiety, paranoia and hallucinations and psychotic breaks from repeated and high usage. MDVP use is frequently compared to amphetamine use and includes a difficult come down period. Bath salts should be considered research chemicals and are not fit for human consumption.

What Is The Legal Status of Bath Salts?

Bath salts have recently become Schedule 1 drugs in the United States. This basically means that they are illegal to possess, manufacture, distribute or consume.

Are Bath Salts Safe?

MDVP is not fit for human consumption. It has been tested extensively by researchers looking to create plant fertilizers and bath salts. In the last few years, inhaling or consuming bath salts has become a popular drug choice, especially since, until very recently, it was easy and cheap to acquire bath salts for recreational use.

Its increased popularity meant an increase in poison control center patients and people going to the Emergency Room for poison treatment. Due to the fact that bath salts have never been tested on humans, at this point users cannot take the drug safely. Risk factors are increased if users are taking bath salts along with other drugs, since scientists are not sure how the body metabolizes MDVP and no idea how the chemical compound will react with other stimulants or depressants in the system. Additionally, because ingredients are rarely listed on packaging in products that might contain MDVP, an individual is not likely to know what he or she is ingesting.