Bath Salts Abuse

Looking Into Bath Salts Overdose

Taking the Alternative
Drugs have become a common problem in the United States for decades but lately there has been a growing trend for people, especially young adults and teenagers, to get their drug high by taking ordinary household substances or drugs that undergo the camouflage of being marketed as household items. Kids have been taking everything from regular powders and cooking ingredients and mixing them all together to get their own chemical mix. Since these products can be bought just about anywhere, there is little to no way for the government to regulate the distribution of these drugs. One of the latest issues covers bath salts overdose.

So what are bath salts? These are not the regular epsom salts that are used to add fragrance to a bath yet they can be marketed as such. Many of these "bath salts" use names like Vanilla Sky or Flower Fragrances. Since they get bought and sold under these names and packaging they easily slip past the authorities and it can be quite difficult for them to be detected. This is why so many of the younger crowd tends to lean towards these drugs since they can be acquired easily and just about in any regular department store. Unfortunately the effects of bath salts overdose have shown to be very dangerous.

Effects of Bath Salts Overdose

One of the very first things anyone would notice on a person high from bath salts overdose is that they are experiencing the same kind of mental instability that people get from cocaine and amphetamines. The hallucination effects that the drug abuser experiences is not a normal vision or form of mental instability. It is actually the same fight or flight adrenaline rush that the brain, heart, and body muscles undergo when under high levels of pressure and emotional shock. The normal adrenaline rush lasts only for a few quick moments but when undergoing bath salts overdose the body will have this effect for hours.

The main ingredient that causes the negative effects is known as methylenedioxypyrovalerone which is also referred to as MDPV. This chemical ingredient, when taken in by the user, causes almost instant paranoid delirium and heightens blood pressure, muscle stimulation, and the heart rate. This causes for the person to lose mental control and their body immediately locks into a state of hallucination and adrenaline rush. So how far have the effects of bath salts overdose gone?

The latest news covers the issue of a 27-year old who had been a drug addict since the age of 13 and he claimed that while he had tried just about anything and everything, bath salts caused the worst side effects he ever experienced. Last May 26, there was the issue of a man who attacked a homeless man and was caught chewing off the person's face. The 31-year old attacker was shot by the police. The man was first believed to have been under the influence of bath salts overdose but it was later discovered that he was not. This has caused a major controversy over the drug and now local authorities are pleading for the federal government to monitor and prohibit the drug.